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Center of Expertise in Rehabilitation and Pain Adelante/MUMC+

Center for expertise
The Center of Expertise in Rehabilitation and Pain Adelante/MUMC+ connects patient care, scientific research and innovation in order to deliver the best rehabilitation care for patients with chronic pain. Research activities of the center are positioned at the department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Maastricht University and the center of Expertise in Rehabilitation and Audiology of Adelante in Hoensbroek.

Rehabilitation programs
Research underscores that multidisciplinary rehabilitation care can effectively improve functioning and quality of life of patients with chronic pain. During the last years, Adelante and MUMC+ have worked together to develop evidence-based rehabilitation programs for adults and adolescents with chronic pain. In these programs, physiatrists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers and psychologists work together to improve patients’ functioning. In complex situations, the center collaborates with the other specialists, such as pain specialists, orthopedic surgeons and psychiatrists. 

Scientific research of the center is aimed at improving rehabilitation care for chronic pain and projects conducted at the center have (inter)national exposure. The interdisciplinary research team includes researchers with a background in medicine, psychology and movement sciences. Research is embedded in the research school CAPHRI of Maastricht University. The team collaborates with several national and international partners in various countries. Over the last years, the research team has become an international leader in the field of rehabilitation for chronic pain. 

Knowledge dissemination
Knowledge is disseminated in the field of rehabilitation care in (scientific) articles and books for rehabilitation professionals. The center provides presentations for professionals, groups of patients and patient-organizations. In addition, we organize courses/training for professionals and teach students at the Maastricht University and University of applied sciences (Hogeschool Zuyd).

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