Pain Science In Motion IV Congress Maastricht

A few words from the

Local Organizing Committee

The fourth Pain Science in Motion congress will be hosted in the wonderful city of Maastricht, in the southern tip of the Netherlands, in its most trending district Wijck filled with cozy pubs, restaurants, hotels and fancy shops and galleries.

The congress venue is easily accessible by public transport (only 5-minute walk from Maastricht Central Railway Station) and overlooking the beautiful river Maas and the medieval part of the city.

It only takes a short stroll to experience the charm of this wonderful historic city, offering the some of the best things of its Burgundy way of life.

On the first evening of the congress, the city of Maastricht wants to express its warm welcome to all visitors of this PSIM IV congress and invites us to visit the historic Town Hall to toast on this great event. And for those who want to extend the gathering and eat and drink together, we will offer the opportunity to join us at the walking dinner at the patio of the congress venue that same evening.

Together, these events will provide a perfect opportunity to exchange ideas, increase our knowledge with the latest insights in research methodology in pain sciences, and not to mention start exciting new collaborations and strengthen already existing networks.

Rob Smeets

Chair local organizing committee.
Professor Rehabilitation Medicine.
Maastricht University.

Mariëlle Goossens

Associate Professor.
Maastricht University.

Anneleen Malfliet

Assistant Professor and Postdoctoral Researcher.
Free University of Brussels.

Inge Timmers

Senior Researcher and Visiting Professor
Maastricht University, Ghent University and Stanford University.

Margareth van Krevel

Maastricht University.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee invites researchers from different fields of pain research (e.g. fundamental, clinical (orthopedics, rheumatology, anesthesiology, rehabilitation medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, etc.), psychological, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, movement sciences, pharmacology, neuromodulation, etc.) to submit their abstracts in which they reflect on the research methods used, and to discuss its specific value and opportunities for the field of pain research. 

Abstract in which results are presented can be also submitted, but have a lower priority to be selected for oral presentations and are more likely to be selected to present during one of the interactive poster sessions.

Jessica Van Oosterwijck

Chair scientific committee.
Professor Rehabilatation Sciences and Physiotherapy.
Ghent University and University of Antwerp.

Sophie van Oosterwijck

PhD researcher.
Ghent University.

Bert Joosten

Professor of Experimental Anesthesiology and Pain Management.
Maastricht University.

Anneleen Malfliet

Assistant Professor and Postdoctoral researcher.
Free University of Brussels.

Michel Mertens

PhD researcher.
University of Antwerp.

Albère Köke

Senior researcher.
Maastricht University.

Andrea Polli

Postdoctoral researcher.
Free University of Brussels and KU Leuven.

Vera Baadjou

Senior researcher.
Maastricht University.

Cynthia Lamper

PhD researcher.
Maastricht University.
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